Meet Mark Williams

Mark Williams is the owner of Mark One Plumbing. He is an Arizona registered residential/commercial plumber based in Scottsdale, covering  the Scottsdale area.


Prior to moving to Scottsdale,  Mark had a successful plumbing business for over 10 years in South Orange County, and prior to that, in the UK.


Please visit the “Our Services” page to see the wide range of plumbing services that we offer. Whether water or gas, we can handle any size job, big or small.


Our mission is simple: to perform at our best, for all of our customers, every day. That experience begins the moment you call, with a courteous greeting, prompt attention, and reliable service at a reasonable cost. Our prices are an accurate reflection of our actual labor, material and overhead costs.


Our work is guaranteed 100% for a full year, which is why we use only the highest quality materials — brand-name repair parts, domestic pipe and fittings … our materials often exceed the quality required by plumbing code.


Mark One Plumbing has a reputation as a company you can rely on for dependable service and value. We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction from start to finish. We truly value our customers — all of whom come to us because of  the positive feedback from other satisfied customers.


We appreciate your business and welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please let me know how we can help you! We’re “always at your service for your plumbing needs”